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Today October 20, 2018
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Women At The Western Front

Sun November 19

Women At The Western Front
Everett Public Library
2702 Hoyt Ave

In honor of Veterans Day, Tames Alan and Everett Public Library present a free program about women’s experience working on the Western Front of the Great War (World War I).

Historian and actress Tames Alan gives a costumed performance at 2 p.m. Sunday, November 19, 2017, in Everett Public Library Auditorium, 2702 Hoyt in Everett.

When most people think about the role women played during the Great War, they think only about nurses. What is less well-known is that most of the ambulance drivers were women, and the Air Force especially recruited women who could ride motorcycles to use as messengers.  Dressed as an ambulance driver for the Motor Corps, Tames reveals some of the more obscure and dangerous roles played by women in The Great War: Hello Girls and Canaries. And she’ll talk about “The Rose of No Man’s Land.”

Tames Alan studied theater and history at Willamette University in Oregon, and theater at the American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco and the Dell Arte School in California. For many years, she taught fashion history at the Art Institute of Seattle. Her career presently centers on creating one-woman historically accurate costumed programs. She is the most popular speaker in the history of Humanities Washington’s Inquiring Minds series.

This program is free.